Institut de Biologie du Développement de Marseille
  • Vincent Bertrand         

Polarization and binary cell fate decisions in the nervous system

Molecular control of neurogenesis

Stem cells and brain repair

Molecular mechanisms underlying mesenchymal cell differentiation

Mechanisms of gene regulation by transcription factors

Development and pathologies of neuromuscular circuits

Genetic control of heart development

Biology of ciliated epithelia

Cell polarity and morphogenesis of epithelia

Tissue architecture and plasticity

Physical approaches to cell dynamics and tissue morphogenesis

Signalling networks fro stemness and tumorigenesis

Axon plasticity in development and cancer

Neural stem cell plasticity

Physical and molecular principles governing cytoskeletal organisation

Evolution and development of morphology and behaviour

Impact of the gut mircobiota on physiology and behavior

Muscle dynamics

Institut de Neurobiologie de la MEDitérranée
  • Jean Luc Gairsa

Plasticité développementale des synapses gabarergiques
  • Françoise Muscatelli 

Neurodevelopment and Genomic imprinting: Prader-Willi Syndrome, from gene to therapy
  • Alfonso Represa- Carlos Cardoso

Bases moléculaires et physiopathologie des malformations du cortex cérébral

Centre de Recherche sur le Cancer de Marseille

  • Vincent Pages

Dommages de l'ADN et instabilité du génome
  • Juan Iovanna

Cancer pancréatique

Laboratoire Adhesion et Inflammation

Marseille Medical Genetics

Stephane Zaffran

Genetic and development of cardiac defects

TAGC - Theories and Approaches of Genomic Complexity